s3-news-tmp-114803-2016_changing_environment_of_exhibitions_cover_500x647--default--300.jpgGroup Delphi is a proud sponsor of CEIR's Study:

"2016 Changing Environment of Exhibitions"

New to CEIR's studies? They're kind of a big deal.

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research keeps a finger on the pulse of experiential, tirelessly interviewing, polling and researching to ensure you have the most cutting-edge insights available. With CEIR studies, you know about — and can act on — industry trends before they even happen.

They're basically time machines in PDF format.

Fact Sheet One:  Exhibitions Are Highly Valued in Achieving Marketing and Sales Objectives 

Fact Sheet Two: Marketers Intend to Maintain or Expand Number of Exhibitions

Fact Sheet Three: Marketers Find Exhibitions an Essential Marketing and Sales Tactic

To see the full set of fact sheets 1-10 here